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Sagunto Roman Theatre - Travelling to Spain

Sagunto Roman Theatre - Travelling to Spain

The Roman theater of Sagunto was built in the first century of our era, at the time of Tiberius (14-37). According to the study of the archaeological remains, the first phase of construction was around the year 50, and the second in the middle of the third century, during which time the building was remodeled.

The architects of the time took advantage of the concavity of the mountain to build this building. Indeed, it is leaning against a hill, like many Roman and Greek theaters. The theater is located on the northern slope of el Castellet, the hill that dominates the city. It was part of the urban plan of the city of the emperor Augustus and was built at the foot of the fortifications and the old Roman forum. It benefits from the cool winds thanks to the northeast orientation of its terraces facing the Palancia valley.

The sewage system, perfectly preserved to this day, was used for the evacuation of rainwater and solids.

Obtaining the title of Historical Monument in 1896, it is the first classified monument in Spain.

Its restoration began in the 1990s. The multiple interventions of restoration and rehabilitation to which its structure has been subjected have contributed to its current appearance. Nowadays, an important festival is held here during the summer, "Sagunt a escena".

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